Wheat-Loss Update


I wrote recently on dropping wheat from my diet.

I am now on my 22nd day of wheat-less life. I’ve had three slip-ups, one accidental and two because I couldn’t turn down a child who had lovingly prepared such yummy goodies. But on the whole it has been easy.

I say easy. The only reason on many occasions I have been able to keep to my challenge is that I pledged it. Publicly, here in this blog.

Many times I have been tempted to just take a nibble and then stopped myself. Interesting.

Six months ago I pledged to a friend that I would break my addiction of reading the gossip columns of a certain British newspaper by avoiding it for a hundred days. Making that statement to a friend, the thought of going back to her to say I hadn’t managed it was the impetus when push came to shove and at some point, it became a habit.

Now the fear of relapse keeps me from making even the slightest attempt to read such material and I have claimed back two hours of my day.

This is what I’m hoping will happen with my wheat avoidance program. That I will get to a point of, if not an aversion to the substance itself, an aversion to the results of eating wheat which are, for me, depression, lethargy, foggy thinking and a collapsing of my food boundaries as I search for something to alleviate those problems.

I have found that by keeping off the wheat, I have been able to stick to a very healthy diet much more easily. It’s as though the wheat is like a touch paper. It starts a fire that can spread very quickly to other unrelated areas. So staying off it not only avoids problems, it enables the forming of better habits. And good results.

I think the perceived wisdom for breaking a habit is to keep it up for 21 days. But that would not work for me in this case. I am still in thrall to wheat and it’s many manifestations.

So one hundred days, it is. I am barely twenty per cent through but I’m hoping that by the end of it, I will have invested so much in not eating wheat and created other habits that are so much more fruitful that I will be loathe to go back.

So far, so good. Let’s hope it continues. I’m coming up with ideas for my next challenge

By the way, I have lost 5lbs. 🙂

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