Tiger Woods is a Buddhist


So they are divorced. And I say she’s a lucky girl.


Her multi-millionaire, über-talented (and now former) husband has had his halo tarnished beyond repair. His indiscretions (an understatement if ever there was one) have been so extreme and widely reported, his name will forever be associated with 12, or was it 20 cocktail waitresses. And the rest.

Yes, he may return to the top of his game. Yes, sponsors may wait a while but they will surely resume offering him sums of money unimaginable to the rest of us. And they will do this because yes, the public will return and buy the products he endorses.

But he will never escape. The cloud will always be there. Even in 30 years time.

This story is fascinating because of the juxtaposition of the light and dark that is Tiger Woods and his (now former) wife, Elin. And I am not talking about skin color.

Woods himself is a web of open spaces and dark places. On the one hand we have the clean-cut, best-golfer-ever, sparkling smile, family man with the beautiful wife and children. On the other, we have the tawdry (another word that’s too understated given the situation) stories of the girls, the parties, the self-obsession and need for power. Image versus reality. Charming public persona and professed Bhuddist versus cigar-chomping director of orgies.

But as the story broke and developed, I found myself focusing on the dichotomy between the couple themselves.

He, the public figure, being exposed as a man of extremely dubious predilections while she, the previously private figure in their relationship, saw her image get brighter and brighter, shinier and shinier.

After a while when I saw a picture of the two of them, she seemed to have taken on the vision of an angel while he was the devil. I’m sure he even took on horns in my mind’s eye.

She fits the stereotype of everything our society considers attractive – blonde, beautiful, slim, doting mother, dignified and discreet – and with every dastardly Tiger revelation (and let’s face it we had quite a few to choose from,) public opinion of her was elevated.

People said she was humiliated. How?

Betrayed, yes. But the only person that was humiliated by this was Woods himself. His behaviors were too extreme for anyone to justify as being caused by anyone but his own fool self. And the women he went with, too skanky for anyone to make anything but a positive comparison with his wife.

Elin Woods was not humiliated at all. She has come out of this looking whiter than the color of her hair.

She now has two healthy children, more money than she could ever need, a public perception that views her as virtuous and beyond reproach. And the moral authority to do more or less as she pleases.

Now that’s lucky.

But that’s my thought. Do you think she’s lucky?

I’d love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below.

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