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I’ve learned that losing weight and healthful eating is a conscious practice.

Borne of hundreds of daily choices we make about food.

And it’s only if we bring these choices into our awareness that we can change the unhealthy habits we’ve adopted.

And bring about long lasting change.

Based on my experience over the last six years, I have written a guide to pass along what I learned.

The guide forms a program that sets quick tasks that can be easily slotted into your day.

It works on the basis that baby steps performed consistently add up to huge strides.

You will like this guide:

  • If you want a new take on eating.
  • If you want to lose weight.
  • If you want to learn what healthy habits work for you.
  • If you like reminders, hints and tips.
  • If you are busy, busy, busy.
  • If your eating habits get pushed to the bottom of your pile of priorities.
  • If you like to achieve two goals with one action.
  • If you want to incorporate healthy eating habits into your day not the other way around.

Clean, efficient, practical.

Lisa at Style Essentials says, ‘This is truly a life changer.’ Mary at Climbing Every Mountain says ‘feels like a pep talk from a friend.’ And Green Bean at Green Bean Chronicles says ‘Great book, Alison!’

And you can get it for free.

Right here, right now.

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