T-Tapp Acronyms

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The following are acronyms T-Tappers use to describe workouts and moves in the program.

AL = Awesome Legs
BB = Bun Blaster
BBJ = Big Ball Joint
BC = Bootcamp
BF’s = Butterflies
BPT = Basic Plus Tempo – Level 2
B/R = Beginner Rehab (aka Total Workout)
BWO+ = Basic Workout Plus
BWO2 =Basic Workout Level 2
CC = Cat Crossovers
CCF = Critter Crunch Floor
Combo = Combination Body Type
Combo/LT = Combination body type with Long torso tendencies
Combo/ST = Combination body type with Short torso tendencies
CRBCL = Crab Claws
CRT = Cellulite Removal Technique
DD = Diva Derriere
EOD = Every Other Day
EOT = Eye of the Tiger
ESLA =Extended Stretching in Linear Alignment
F & F = Finger and Foot Fitness
FMHTY = From my Home to Yours ( On the MORE workout)
GM/MM = God Made/Man Made
GS = Gymnastic Stretch
HD = Hoe Downs
HF = Half Frogs
HH = Hitch Hikers
HTF = Hit the Floor
HTFH = Hit the Floor Harder
HTFS = Hit the Floor Softer (aka weighted shoe workout)
IDOJ = I Dream of Jeanne squats
JR = Jog Rocks
JT = Jazz Twist
KLT = Knee to Little Toe
LB = Lady Bug
LBWO = Lady Bug Workout
LT = Long Torso
MX1 = Maxi Max 1
MX2 = Maxi Max 2
MX3 = Maxi Max 3
NBT = No Big Toe
OIP = Organs In Place
OW = Oil Wells
PBS = Primary Back Stretch
POP = Points of Perfection Videos
PT = Pretzel Twist
PTW = Pull the Weeds
R/S = Reach/Scoop
SA = Shoulder Alignment
SATI = Step Away the Inches
SH = Safety Harbor, Florida
SITTM = Step it to the Max
ST = Short Torso
T2 – Tempo 2
T8 = Tempo 8
TA = Tempo Arms
TBYB = Try Before you Buy
TI = Tempo Intermediate
TLB = Tempo Lower Body
TTN = Thread the Needle
TT = Torso Twist or Tempo Torso
TTT = T-Tapp Twist
TWO = Total Workout (aka Beg/Rehab)
TWO SS = Total Workout Super Slow
WUS = Warm up Stretches

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