Switching Up The Routine


Last week, I skipped a few days of T-Tapp.

I’d been in a funk and I was beating myself up, trying to motivate myself with a few little tricks that normally work.

But this time, no. They didn’t.

I even forgot the start of Teresa’s 60 Day Challenge. Just plain forgot.

I forgot to take my pictures and consequently lost the option to decide if I wanted to spend my vacation, which falls slap bang in the middle of the challenge, doing T-Tapp.

So what’s going on here?

Am I suddenly bored after years of doing T-Tapp? I’m in my sixth year so I don’t think so.

Has my life suddenly ramped up and got in the way? Not especially.

Did I change anything about my routine for getting it done. Ah. Yes.

A while back, I decided that I would start to journal first thing in the morning. So when I wake up, invariably because it’s the easier of the two at that unearthly hour of the day, I choose to journal.

And when I journal, I tend to daydream.

Before I know it, I’ve run out of time and suddenly I have to get ready for the day.

And then once I’m all gussied up, I don’t want to mess up my hair or sweat my makeup.

So it’s all too easy to say no, to even the 15 minutes that I aim to do 5 days a week.

So I’ve abandoned the journal. I need to find another spot in my day for that or just drop it altogether.

Because my T-Tapp is important. It sets up my day. It gives me a high from which I launch feeling super-virtuous and powerful.

And at 5:30am, that’s a real accomplishment.

Do you have a successful daily routine? Or weekly plan? What causes you to digress? And how do you get back on track? Let me know in the comments!

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