Sex Tapes And What I Learned In The Grocery Store This Morning


I get my celebrity fix from reading magazine covers while standing in the line at the grocery store.

That’s quite enough of a dose for me.

I am regaled with babies, post-pregnancy bodies, celebrity marriages, then the scandals, then the divorces.

It all gets a little too much.

I often learn thing or two. And today, I learned that some celebrities never learn.

Some celebrities are plain stupid.

Someone called Kendra (whoever she is) has been “betrayed” with the exposure of a sex tape.

Well, whaddyaknow?

I can’t decide what’s worse: that she was “betrayed;” the possibility that this is a publicity stunt (how trashy;) or that she simply made the darn thing in the first place.

And for what? Pleasure? Really? I must be missing something.

I just don’t get these people.

Never, ever, EVER get hard copies of anything that will embarrass you.

And certainly not sex tapes.

Aside from the fact that I think it’s the just about the most unerotic thing imaginable, why, if it was truly just a personal thing and not a publicity stunt, would you make something that could be held against you in the future?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or not, a sex tape or photographs are always going to be there in the background, threatening, looming, waiting to make their presence felt. It’s a form of control, dominance; it’s abusive.

Girls, never, ever do it.

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