How Little Inconvenient Things Can Make A Child Smile


I just came back from two recorder concerts at my sons’ school.

Not exactly my idea of an elegant, harmonious chorus which is what my poor little brain needs at the moment but my attendance meant a lot to my kids.

And that’s what it’s all about.

The concerts were inconveniently organized just long enough apart so that I spent more time driving to and fro than I spent at home but I did it anyway and dashed back again.

The noise was squeaky, the intention heartfelt, the pride enormous.

It made the adults smile.

I was a little late for the second one and four heads turned as I quietly let myself into the room.

Three kids didn’t smile, however, as they turned back to their music but my son did.

And that made haring back and forth, leaving most of my cup of tea undrunk worth all the hassle.

What little thing have you done, that made your child smile? Did you expect it to please them or was it a surprise? Let me know in the comments!

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