10 Reasons Why Shoes Can Make, or Break, Your Show

Last week I had a tricky meeting to attend. I had to be assertive but friendly.  Passionate but articulate.

I wasn’t sure how the meeting would go. It was important and potentially far-reaching.

It was, in short, tricky. And I was a power player in it. I had to have my game on. Perform.

After abluting myself in the early morn and getting my thoughts together, I turned to my wardrobe.  I am someone who does a better job if she’s looks the part.

I didn’t want to wear my ‘mom’ uniform of a tank top, sweat pants and tennis shoes. (That really is me depicted up in that header.)

But I didn’t want to be too formal either. I opted for a pair of blue culottes and a blue top.

But then I got to my feet.

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Welcome to Mamapedia Readers

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will find plenty to entertain and amuse you here. There are some fun posts, some hard-hitting ones and a few in-between. Enjoy!

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How to Live Life with Love

It's a knotty little problem.

Memorial papers.

Those programs you receive when you attend a funeral.

What do you do with them?

If you're like me, you take them home.

Unsure of what to do.

You're not sure how to deal with them respectfully.

And you might want to look at them again, anyway.

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3 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better When You Can’t Give Them What They Want

It is a little known fact that, many moons ago, I worked for a couple counseling agency.

Clients usually came together as a couple and always with a 45-minute appointment. Counselors were in short supply and our waiting list, long. Payment was made by way of a pay-as-much-as-you-can donation.

So as an alternative, we decided to open a drop-in clinic for people to come in, quite likely alone, for a short counseling session.

We weren’t sure how this would be received. Would we be sitting twiddling our thumbs for two hours or would we be overrun with people desperate to talk to someone?

Adding an element of the unknown was quite a departure for us.

We advertised the dates, stated our hours and held the first two-hour session in a downtown strip mall (we call them a parade of shops in England) in a low-income area.

And waited to see if anyone would turn up.

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New Blog For Paleo Peeps With Non-Paleo Families!

Last week I wrote a post, 27 Ways To Live With Your Non-Paleo Spouse.

The response was immediate, 1,000's of views.

Facebook shares currently stand at 99.

Dean over at Being Primal sparked an idea when he commented, "You could probably commit a whole website to people who have to go this alone."

So I did.

And now we have...(drumroll, please!)

PaleoNonPaleo - Living paleo in a non-paleo world!

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27 Ways to Live With Your Non-Paleo Spouse

You’ve read the books, commented on the success stories, learned to eat a salad or soup for lunch.

You’ve lost a few pounds and are working on cooking from scratch.

But as you study your latest new recipe, your spouse comes in.

He walks to towards you with a smile on his face and you can tell he’s about to announce something big.

He holds up his catch, triumphant, a grin splitting his face in two.

Cock of the walk.

And he plonks his haul on the countertop.

You look at it, your heart sinks and you wonder how to burst his bubble gently.

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