Over 30 Inches Lost With T-Tapp


This is a Q & A with Peg Viola. She has been T-Tapping less than three months and lost 30 inches. That’s over 2 feet!

Peg, How long have you been T-Tapping?

I started on March 3, 2010.

What is your body type?
I am a Short Torso/Long Leg.

Which routine did you start with?
I did the Basic Workout (BWO) a few times but I jumped right into Tempo 8 reps because I wanted to see results. Then after 3 days of that on I moved onto Tempo 10 reps.

What routine would you recommend for a beginner?
The BWO to learn the proper form.

How much inchloss/weightloss have you seen with T-Tapp?
In less than ten weeks, I am down 30 inches.

What other benefits have you seen with T-Tapp?
My knees and my lower back no longer bother me. Plus I like me, this is hard to explain but I am much calmer and feel really good about me.

What are your tips for getting going when you don’t feel like it?
Really I don’t have a problem there. I always get up and do my Tapping first thing in the morning every other day (EOD.)

How would you describe T-Tapp to a newbie?
It is a workout that you can do in the privacy of your own home. It really doesn’t cost much and the inch loss is amazing. It is a workout that is not hard on your joints and the deep breathing and stretches just makes your body feel vibrant.

How much time do you spend doing T-Tapp?
I generally do EOD Tempo Intermediate which is about 48 minutes long or I do the Ladybug Standing which is about 35-40 long. Plus I add in either a Ladybug Floor or Basic Tempo which is 18 minutes long. So I try to do 3 full workouts + 1 short workout a week. I also dry brush every morning!

Have you ever used a trainer?
No, I have not but wish there was one closer to me.

Which are your favorite exercises?
All of them 🙂  Hoe Downs, Lunges, Primary Back Stretch, Balance, Thread the Needle, Organs In Place. I like the Awesome Legs + Diva Derriere and will add them in some days too.

Which are your least favorite?
I really don’t have any but the seated balance one at the end of Ladybug Floor, I just can not master that one.

Do you watch what you eat?
Yes I do. I limit my carbs, I stay away from sugar, it makes me crazy plus makes my heart race.

What do you like most about T-Tapp?
The results!!!!!!

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