Organized Up The Wazoo


Had a very productive, brainstorming session yesterday with my image consultant friend, Susie. She helped me a lot with my business ideas and I hope I helped her a little, too. Wonderful, this networking thing with your girlfriends.

It’s so easy!

I came home and started to organize my life, or at least my week.

I listed action items, maintenance activities, organized them all under “Projects.” I wrote out a timetable for the week and plugged in my commitments. Calculated approximate times and instilled 15 minute chunks of activity (thanks, Flylady!) Must have taken me over an hour and a half! But I felt good and so, so, in control.

I was cool; I was a diva.

I woke up this morning at 4:15am for some reason. Gave up trying to get back to sleep so got up and did my T-Tapp (affiliate link.)  Then my journal, then updated my financial plan.

Wow, I was ahead.

I took my supplements, put on some laundry and got out my little red pen to delight in crossing the items off my list. Heaven.

And then it went downhill.

My son woke up with a bad poison ivy reaction.  Call in to the pediatrician. Canceled a networking appointment with a friend to enable that. Planned homeschool for my son so he doesn’t fall behind.

And then the cat fell off the banister rail, but survived.


And yet, I’m still feeling pretty good. I’m on top of my day, I’m writing this much earlier than planned and I feel confident I can get everything achieved.

Is it because I am organized, smart and slick or is it because I got up at an unearthly hour? I think it is both – organized to make good use of my extra time.  But anyone can do it for a few hours – keeping it all up is the real challenge.

Hmmm, we’ll see.

Do you every get up early to get a run on your day? Can you rejuggle your plans or does your day go to pieces? Let me know in the comments!

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