30 Daily Routines To Build Your Business During Your Morning Coffee


Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list? Do you know not what to do next? Are you not sure where to most productively spend your time?

‘Be everywhere’ is a common mantra for those looking to build their businesses. We have so many places in which to be and so many things to do to build those businesses that, like a garden, our business life can involve wandering around a dusty barren wasteland, a mass of weeds, a carefully tended and organized yard or an overwhelming out-of-control mess.

How does your garden grow?

Let’s get the garden flourishing one watering can at a time. Relationships are at the heart of sales. And like flowers, relationships need daily nurturing. And Six Seconds are the relationship experts, right? So we should be good. 🙂

There are routines we need to complete every day if we are to be a master gardener with blossoming relationships and blooming businesses. I’ve broken down the daily routines every business should go through to ensure that ongoing business development activities are not neglected. Giving them some focus on a daily basis should ensure that a stream of sales opportunities are always trickling down into your sales funnel without the crazy, anxiety-producing periods where nothing is happening.

Water the flowers you want to bloom

My suggestion would be to focus on personal contacts and current sales opportunities plus one or two other business development activities and work them well. Alternatively, you could do one or two of these suggestions for each social media outlet on a daily basis. 🙂

Before we begin you should have your own:

  • Annual revenue forecast broken down in to quarterly and monthly expectations
  • List of major accounts, sales opportunities and deals not yet closed
  • Action list to close deals
  • Twitter account and handle
  • If you are a partner, a regularly updated Six Seconds regional website, your own Six Seconds regional Facebook page, and a personal Facebook profile
  • LinkedIn account
  • Email list and list management software

Personal Contact and Current Sales Opportunities

  1. Review your monthly revenue against your forecast.
  2. Review your ongoing business deals and the action items required to move them forward. Action them.
  3. Contact 3 new prospects/potential clients – respond to an inquiry, follow up on a business card, invite someone to coffee, etc.
  4. Move forward 3 existing relationships with potential clients – follow up on a business deal, invite someone to lunch, send someone some information they might find interesting, send a birthday card or thank you note, etc.


  1. Find 3 business things worth retweeting in your feed and share.
  2. Reply to at least five things with full responses (not just “thanks”).
  3. Recommend people that you admire. You can do this on Fridays as a “Friday Follow”
  4. Follow back at least 10 like-minded folks.


  1. Respond to any comments on your page’s wall.
  2. Post a status message daily, something engaging or interesting.
  3. Comment on at least three other pages status messages or updates.
  4. Share at least 1 interesting update that you find.
  5. Drop into the Six Seconds EQ. Educators Network & and see if you can contribute
  6. Comment or ‘like’ at least five personal friends statuses.
  7. Send birthday wishes, make sure your options are set up so that they appear automatically in the top right hand corner.


  1. Accept any invitations that make sense for you to accept.
  2. Enter any recent business cards to invite them to LinkedIn (if you’re growing your network).
  3. Drop into Six Seconds LinkedIn group and see if you can volunteer an answer or two.
  4. Provide 1 recommendation every few days for people you can honestly and fully recommend.
  5. Add any relevant slide decks to the Slideshare app there, or books to the Amazon bookshelf.


  1. Visit your blog’s comments section and comment back to all the replies.
  2. If you have a few extra minutes, click through to the blogs of the commenters, and read a post or two and comment back.
  3. Retweet, share on Facebook or other social media outlets you have presences in if possible.
  4. Write the occasional post promoting the good work of others blogs in your community.
  5. Send a synopsis of your posts (with links to the full copy) over a month to your email list.
  6. Find two new blogs to comment on.

Email List

Even though you only send to your email list once a week, working on your content daily is essential to prevent it becoming overwhelming. These are items you need to undertake over the course of a working week.

  1. Plan your content/offer.
  2. Write your content.
  3. Write your cover email.
  4. Review and revise.
  5. Send your content to your list

The bulk of your business development day should be spent following up deals – pushing them down the sales funnel. But it is equally important to spend some time getting some into the hopper at the top. It might sound like a lot but in fact it can be done very quickly if you make it a daily practice and focus on just a couple of social mediums. While you’re drinking your daily morning coffee in fact. Remember you want to be found when they come looking. 🙂

Do you do any of these already? Which ones? What could you add to your daily routine? Are you a Facebook holdout? (I was – and was proud of it – but things change. :-))

Not sure what I’m on about with all this talk of gardens, email lists and blogging? Email me at alison.golden@6seconds.org and we can talk.



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