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Let’s face it, we get to a certain point in our life when we need help. We need to work it more but stress it less. We don’t have time but now it shows. We care about what we put in, put on and put out. These people can help.

Teresa Tapp at T-Tapp

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I go on about Teresa Tapp ad infinitum on this site. This is because I don’t know what else helps as much for as little. I save time and money while building strength. And I need to be strong. I need to be active. I need to have energy. I talk more about Teresa and her thoughts on body shape, my experience with T-Tapp, another T-Tappers major inchloss, and the different workouts. And if you can’t be bothered by all that, go to the T-Tapp website.

Lisa Liguori at Style Essentials

I buy all my jewelry from Lisa. She is my little secret and I don’t really like telling anyone about her because then I think everything will get sold and there won’t be anything left for me. But my husband keeps telling me I have enough. And I do. So now it’s someone elses turn to get fab, innovative, affordable jewelry that will cause the person next to you in the grocery store line to comment.

Lisa also sells non-toxic, mineral makeup. I buy her shadows, powders, lip products and mercury-free mascaras. I love that she does all the work for me so I know that I am putting on products that are good for me and the planet.

I drop a lot of money when I go over to Style Essentials…

Susie Weiss at Susie Weiss Wardrobes

Susie is an artist. She paints the most amazing artwork, full of vibrant color and energy. She’s also a style maven, taking her eye for color and line and applying it to the clothes that she wears. She realized that many women were crying out for this knowledge but didn’t possess her skills. And so Susie Weiss Wardrobes was born.

She does color analysis that’s so detailed and personal you cannot fail to look good, closet audits, personal shopping (with deals!) and outfit creation using what you already have in your wardrobe, using the style you prefer to dress in. You do not have to spend a fortune to look good. And you do not have to lose weight to look good. Susie can sort you out.

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