Five Minutes, Fear, Freedom


A few weeks ago, I worked a rummage sale fundraiser for our school.

My hands are still healing from the experience as my mind ruminates over what made this experience so successful.

We raised $31,000 for our school, a sum that renders most people speechless.

“What were you selling – diamonds?” is the gist of the replies of most still able to speak.

I have been thinking about this as I clear out my garage.

Skills I learned in the Book section of the sale have been put into play and  I have four piles – Keep, Garage Sale, Goodwill and Trash.

Most people wouldn’t be able to discern which pile is which, quite frankly, and it occurs to me, not for the first time – why do we keep such a lot of “tut?”

We tell ourselves things like, “I might need it someday,” “I feel guilty giving away that gift,” “it cost a lot of money.”

Or, my personal favorite, “I’ll mend it.

The advice always is to just get started, that throwing or giving away stuff generates its’ own energy and that’s certainly true. But fear seems to be at the heart of the problem.

Fear that we’ll make a mistake, that someone will find us wanting, that our efforts haven’t been worthwhile.

Getting started is about facing those fears and as we progress through our first few items, we confront them and realize it isn’t as bad as we thought; yes, we might make a mistake but we can deal with it, we are confident enough to handle someone else finding us imperfect and we can handle the losses.

Those emotional vampires: fear, loss and shame raise their ugly heads but if we can beat them down, we feel lighter metaphorically and physically.

So, as I write this blog as a form of procrastination rather than getting on with the next zone in my garage, I need to take my own advice.

Tackle the job for five minutes, face my fears and feel the freedom I earn as a result. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy?

If only…I wish…I will!

Do you every get stuck in inertia? How do you get yourself out of it? Have you ever considered giving yourself a really easy, achievable goal as a way to regain momentum? Let me know in the comments!

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