Falling off the T-Tapp Wagon. Not.


Since coming back off vacation, I’ve been waiting for T-Tapp to call my name. But it hasn’t or, more correctly, it has but I am constantly surrounded by people and activities that are making it difficult to focus.

Teresa calls T-Tapp ‘a mind/body workout.’

Many of the exercises require a certain amount of thinking, with different body parts going in different directions to the way the brain might expect (for T-Tappers, think Thread The Needle.)

And Teresa is often urging us to ‘go to your max’ as a way to extend and strengthen those muscles each time we exercise.

This all requires concentration and if my mind starts to wander I know for sure I’m not going to my max and I need to pay more attention.

For this reason and because results are based on consistency, I find T-Tapp to be more of a practice, like yoga or meditation, than any other fitness program I’ve done, getting fit being a bonus.

So with it being the summer holidays and all, kids around, swimming, heat, lazy days, it’s been hard to find the mental space to do T-Tapp.

My kids are taking swimming lessons and afterwards, we practice together the principles that they have just been taught as a way of reinforcement. So I am swimming.

The kids also decided to declare a Wii Fit competition which I fell for. So I’m doing Wii Fit.

I felt kind of embarrassed about this because I say here that I anticipate never doing anything but T-Tapp and walking ever again.

However, it occurred to me that even though I am doing something else, I’m not really. Because I am doing everything with T-Tapp principles.

No duck feet, no big toe, knee to little toe. It’s all there in every activity I do. Tuck, tighten, lift.

And with what results! My muscle memory, after 5 weeks off, has sprung back and my improvement in swimming this week after thirty years of no serious swimming at all, has been phenomenal.

Similarly all the activities on Wii Fit, especially yoga and balance, have seen me hit the top level within a few days. This is only because of the strength, flexibility and kinesthetic communication between my body and brain that T-Tapp has given me.

This is so encouraging because many times after a lay-off of exercise activities, it is like starting over from scratch.

When the summer is over or earlier if my brain starts to need some input, I’ll get the T-Tapp going again but for now, it is great to be able try new things, participate in physical activities with my family and yet still get my T-Tapp in.

A win-win all round, I say. 🙂

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Peg Viola July 18, 2010 at 8:50 am

Allison this is why I get out of bed in the morning and do my T-Tapp workout first thing, because I know if I don’t my day’s activities will keep me from it. The longest workout I do is 50 minutes and the shortest one is 18 minutes and my life is so much better now that Theresa starts my day with me!


Alison Golden August 22, 2010 at 5:01 pm

I totally agree, Peg. *Much* easier when done first thing. Makes me feel so virtuous and sets up my day.


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