5 Elements of Outstandingly Good Blog Posts


There are some basic structural elements all good blog posts should have. I will go into more detail on each of these points in separate blog posts to make it clear the reasoning behind these points but for now, please use this post as a checklist for every post you write:

Element #1: An Attention-Grabbing Headline

Catchy, readable, teasing headlines cause readers to click through to the content. If the headline is poor, all the great content is lost because few people are reading it. Many great bloggers will spend hours over crafting a headline for this reason.

Element #2: Multiple Sub-Headings

Readers scan their computer screen picking out words to check if the material is worth reading more carefully. Good use of sub-headings will this encourage deeper reading behavior.

Element #3: At Least One Image

Images add visual interest to the page, will encourage readership and solidify the content in the readers mind. Images are also essential when the content is shared via social media. Clicks on shared links increase exponentially when an image accompanies it. Always, always include an image.

Element #4: Insanely Useful Information

Readers are looking to solve their problems or to be wildly entertained or emotionally moved. Is your material doing that? Use all your empathy skills to put yourself in your readers shoes and ask: Does this solve my problem? Is this funny, sad, inspiring? How will this move my reading audience? Is it insanely useful?

Element #5: A Call-To-Action

The whole point of your blog post is to get your reader to do something so to that end, get specific and direct. Ask them a question; provide them with a link to a product or course and ask them to click through to buy, email, or find out more; ask them to share on social media. It is vital you do this; if you don’t, you’ve wasted your time and an opportunity to move your reader.

So having read this, what subject will your next blog post be on? What other questions about blogging, internet marketing or selling do you have that I might address? Email and tell me at alisongolden@sixseconds.org

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